(Formerly the Ilford Esperanto Society)


Meeting since 1904

The Ilford Esperanto group was founded in June 1904 and continued to meet somewhere in Ilford until November 2014.

The aim of the society is to use, promote and teach the international language, Esperanto, and to maintain links with similar groups throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

The group meets on the second and fourth Mondays of every month online through Skype from 7.30 to 9.00pm., and welcomes new members.

The annual subscription for the Ilford group is £6 per annum, with the year running from October to October. Our treasurer is Mark Drake (telephone number below).

Obviously the meetings are mainly in the international language, but the club offers a free, ten lesson postal course, and if a suitable venue can be found, tutor-led sessions can be arranged. For the duration of the course there is no subscription fee.

If you are interested in learning Esperanto through the free introductory course, you can contact us by email through our secretary by clicking the star on the left, or you can telephone our treasurer at 020 8518 8094.

It is very difficult to determine how many Esperanto speakers (Esperantists) there are, as they are not counted in any census, but suffice it to say that they exist in almost every country of the world.

The Esperanto world appears secret, but that is not really the case, but it is easy to understand why people should think so. The World Esperanto Association has delegates throughout the world, and when an Esperantist wishes to travel to another country, the language of which they do not speak, they simply contact the local delegate beforehand and seek the necessary help and assistance.

Esperanto is very regular, and much easier to learn than national languages so why not start learning now?

Skype has the advantage that up to five people can meet at any one time.

A Japanese meal for Zamenhof Day, at Kimie Makarianís house, 2012.

On the first, third and sometimes fifth Tuesdays there is an internet study session through Skype. These are totally in Esperanto and usually take the form of readings.

The club has strong links with the Eastern Esperanto Federation. Here are four of our members at a federation picnic near Braintree, Essex.








Kontaktu nin/Contact us

La Ilforda grupo estas fondita en junio 1904 kaj kunvenis ie en Ilford ĝis novembro 2014. Numtempe la kunvenoj estas plejparte interretaj, pere de Skype, kun apartaj en Brentwood. La kotizo estas £6 por ĉiu jaro.



Orienta Federacio

Eastern Federation

Londona Esperanto-Klubo

London Esperanto Club

Esp Associo de Britio

Esp Association of Britain